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Startups disrupting the travel industry find a larger audience.


Everyone loves a good story, especially one that combines the thrill of launching a venture with global adventure. Travel startup RewardExpert asked our team to find, interview and create stories on various travel and tech startups.

Fuel contacted 200+ companies and interviewed dozens of company leaders who told their origin stories on RewardExpert's platform.

Results: RewardExpert elevated its brand among discerning travel enthusiasts. And the founders promoted their company on a popular website.


Travel is among the most innovative industries, with driverless cars and sojourns to Mars on the horizon.

Travel website RewardExpert asked our writers to find, interview and write stories on various travel and tech startups.

RewardExpert aimed to publish compelling stories on the website and grow their reputation as a leading travel tech authority. Also, they wanted travel companies promote the content and link back to those stories.


A team of Fuel writers conducted personalized outreach to in-house marketing/PR directors and to agencies.

All of the companies had remarkable success, in part because they had a story worth sharing. We began to understand what made a great success story.

RewardExpert published and promoted these founder stories, which raised the profile of these companies to an audience of sophisticated travelers. And the increase in traffic and links has, in part, established RewardExpert as one of the top travel-tech websites in the world.

Founder Story: Rome2rio

Our interview with Rome2rio revealed how their app offers ultra-local travel options Google neglects. Travelers can use the app to explore scenic routes by bike, boat, car or train.

Developers Bernie Tschirren & Michael Cameron hatched the app while working at Microsoft.

During peak travel, the app has about 10 million users in any month.

Rome2rio team Bernie Tschirren, Michael Cameron and Rod Cuthbert

Rome2rio co-founders Michael Cameron and Bernie Tschirren with former CEO Rod Cuthbert.


Over six months, our team of five writers interviewed 37 company founders or PR representatives. RewardExpert created custom designs for each article, making every brand story unique and memorable. Results:

  • Increase in organic traffic
  • Increase rank in search engine results pages
  • Increase in high quality backlinks
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