We relate your vision to donors and funders to raise money for exemplary concepts.

How we help

We help you convey your project's value in a credible and compelling way. Drawing from 20+ years of experience, we can give practical advice on what funders want. We'll work with you to create cases of support, pitches and proposals.

Who we help

We partner with not-for-profits, startups, health centers and universities. Typically, we work with teams who contribute their expertise and make sure the proposal represents the work.


Donations and grants have a high return on investment. Winners have extra resources to grow. Less struggle, more progress.

Fundraising is relational, as people give to people. Funders trust a winner. Funding is social proof you are more likely to succeed.

Companies especially value grants because they are non-dilutive, meaning founders don't give up equity.

Contracts offer companies and not-for-profits reliable, recurring and long-term revenue.

Perelman Center at University of Pennsylvania


Federal Grants

Caroline excels in all aspects of grant writing, from putting pen to paper, working with clients and overall time management. She leads the client through the grant writing process, asking key questions and allowing them to focus on program development and/or research strategies.

Darci Granda

Managing Director

McAllister & Quinn

Foundation Appeals

Fuel Copy tightened up my proposals and made them smarter and more graceful. Their guidance included important insights into what would catch the eye of each granting agency. Glad to have them on my team.

Mark Moffett, Ph.D.

Biologist & Explorer

Author of The Human Swarm




We'll interpret the request for proposals (RFP), so you understand funder priorities and what you are asked to do. Also, we can find opportunities for you.

Opportunity research

We'll save you hours (even days) of searches and find grant and contract opportunities for you. We'll learn about your goals and use internal and external sources to find RFPs.

Federal grant proposals

A winning proposal unites funder priorities with your experience and proposed solution. We help you plan and create to get high scores in review.

Small business innovation research (SBIR)

We help small businesses win SBIR grants for research and development (R&D). Tech and biotech companies have won grants ranging from $100K to $1.5M.

Contract bids

We'll help propose a cost-effective solution and showcase your organization's value. Depending on your needs, we'll advise on and write any or all aspects of the proposal.

Our process

We begin with a free consultation to discuss a grant or contract opportunity and learn more about you.

We'll discuss how to boost your odds for success and give you insights on how agencies make funding decisions. Sometimes the requirements seem daunting, but we've seen small projects get large awards.

Then, we make a plan and race the deadline clock. We work in small teams to make sure everything gets done in time and at the highest possible quality.

We work with our clients to communicate the proposal demands, collect data, brainstorm ideas and craft a logical, persuasive proposal.

Our track record & qualifications

We've had the honor of helping to win about $50M for groundbreaking projects. And we have advised physicians, researchers and entrepreneurs gain early funding for new ventures.

"What is our success rate?"

We know competitions have < 5% to 20% award rates. So, success varies by whether you've won funds before and your fit for an opportunity. Our win record ranges from 15%to 60%.

Case Story: Small business grants

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